Sunday, 9 October 2011

25 Weeks

Wow how can I be here already? I only have 15 weeks left until my baby enters our lives! That's not a long time to wait at all especially as we still have things to get and a nursery to complete although all the hard work is done in there now and it's just a case of the finishing touches.  I can't wait till the furniture arrives and it can actually look like a nursery and not just a storage room!  There is so much going on from now right up until the birth I feel like we will be there in no time at all!

On Saturday Oct 29th we have our 4d scan booked im so excited about this! We will actually get to see our baby's little face I can't wait! Oh and of course if baby is willing to cooperate we will finally have gender confirmation!!! The wait has been killing me I have no idea how some people choose to wait to find out im dying to know and desperate to go on a pink or blue shopping spree!! Fingers crossed that Oct 29th is the day!

Overall i'd say im feeling pretty good I do have some good days and bad days my back does ache from time to time and im always tired but im use to aches and pains and being pregnant I totally expect them so i'd say im doing pretty well.  My last midwife appointment went well and everything is going as it should be that's such a wonderful thing to hear!  I have noticed my ankles swelling up over the past 5 weeks I always thought that would come later on but apparently not.  As long as I raise them they seem to go down again so not causing too many problems right now apart from being a little uncomfortable.

I had an appointment with an Anethetist last week to discuss birthing options, pain reilief and what would be possible or not.  It went well and has made me feel at ease with everything as I was starting to get nervous about it!  I have a choice of an elected C-Section or attempting a natural birth with the help of an Epidural! She said the in my case if I opt for the natural birth an epidural is a necessity as they would need to have me ready for a C-Section at anytime and as the Arthrogryposis affects my jaw and mouth they wouldn't be able to put me under a General Anesthetic in a emergengcy situation.  I never really considered that would be an issue as I've had a lot of surgery and been put under anesthetic many times and it's never been an issue but appaerntly when you are pregnant they do things a little differently and rather than just assist my breathing they take it over completely and this is where the problem is.  So I have a big decision to make and I have never been so split with it!  I've always wanted to have a natural birth and I can still try that and knowing that I will be on an epidural from the beginning makes me feel more relaxed about it.  But on the other hand there are a lot of complications with that option and if it were to end up in a C-Section i'd much rather that be a planned and controlled situation I just want what is safer for me and my baby.  So what do I do??  I am visiting the Delivery Suite next week so that I can try different positions etc and see what could work for me and what wont.  I think in doing this it will help me come to a decision in what we are going to do.