Tuesday, 7 August 2012

6 Months

Ok so Grace will actually be 7 months on Sunday eek can you believe that?! So here am I playing catch up again. I feel like so much has happened since I last updated it's crazy how much can happen in what is really a short space of time.  Last time I posted I was just starting to think about weaning and now she's pretty much eating me out of house and home lol!  I was waiting for the signs that Grace was ready for solids and at 5.5 months she was ticking all the boxes so I decided to give it a try.  We started off slowly with just a little breakfast to start with.  I gave her a mashed up rusk mixed with some of her milk I thought the familiar taste would help.  Well she loved it she started out having maybe 10 baby spoons of it but now she will clean the bowl!  After a few days of doing that I started to give her a dinner at lunch time too.  I bought the Annabelle Karmel top 100 baby purees book so I could know what works well together and make up some yummy purees for her, I have been making up big batches and freezing them it works out much easier this way and not to mention cheaper! Most importantly I know exactly what she is eating and that it's all healthy stuff.  Dare I say Im a little proud of myself Im not the greatest cook in the world but Im making healthy food for my baby and she seems to love it this makes me so happy!  I was so nervous about weaning I was scared she wouldn't want to eat anything because that's how I was, man I must have been hard work for my poor mother lol but Grace eats everything, well she does right now anyway I know babies go through phases so Im not taking it for granted I know it could change but it's so lovely to see her enjoying the food that I have made her.  So now she has 3 meals a day usually either a rusk or ready brek mixed with her milk and a fruit puree, a dinner consisting of around 3 vegetables that work well together im about to start meat and fish now that she's more established, and a pudding at tea time which is usually a fruit puree or a soya yoghurt.  I think her most favourite food so far is banana and blueberry puree she scoffs the lot!  Eventually the aim is to get her on to finger foods although she has already tried a bit of toast and she did great with that! I can honestly say so far Im really enjoying weaning her!

In other news we now have a roller!! I was starting to wonder when/if Grace would ever roll she would get so close to doing it but then just roll back again but at 6 months and 1 week old she rolled!! I was so excited to see her doing it! I thought maybe she would cry when she did it from the shock of doing i've seen so many babies do that but she just looked a little shocked and then smiled we cheered her right after she did it she LOVES that haha and now she just looks proud of herself! Since she did it once she does it all the time especially at night it doesn't seem to bother her though I usually just find her in her cot on her belly!  I was watching her on her belly today and she was starting to make movements like crawling! How exciting and scary that I may have a crawler on my hands soon wow Im not sure Im ready for that yet!!

I've noticed just over the last few weeks that Grace is starting to learn to make new sounds it's so cute! her latest is wawawawawa. I know not exactly talking but it's a progression from different pitches of aaaaaaaaa lol! She also squeals with excitement too it's the cutest thing.  I love watching her grow and learn and these might only be small things but it's just exciting to me.  Really it feels like 5 minutes ago that she was a teeny tiny newborn and now look at her time flies so fast!