Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Best Sound In The World

That would be my baby's heartbeat!  I went to my Midwife appointment on Thursday it was pretty quick and simple just a case of checking blood pressure, urine, weight (ive only gained 1lb!) as im already a tad overweight im quite happy to not have gained too much just yet and I read that weight gain by 17 weeks can range from 5lbs - 10lbs so im more than happy with that!  My urine and blood pressure were also fine so thats great.  The best part of my appointment was getting to hear baby's heartbeat! I was excited but nervous about it you know me always the worry wort and the midwife explained that at this stage it's not always easy to find but she should get it.  She only needed to poke around for a few seconds and there it was! I could have listened to that all day.  The doppler was also picking up other taps and she said that was baby kicking it was doing somersaults in there :)

Im now 17 weeks and 3 days I can't believe im almost halfway! Im doing just fine and overall feeling much better! Im pretty sure the sensations i've been getting are baby moving and this week ive been feeling it so much! I just love that feeling and it's nice to have some reassurance that baby is ok!  We have started to buy bits and pieces and I think we have decided on the pram we want we just want to get past my 20 week scan before we start purchasing the big stuff Im loving shopping for baby it's way more fun than shopping for myself!! I just can't wait to know if we are team blue or pink now so I can start buying little outfits! The wait is killing me!!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

16 Weeks

Time for a quick update! I have been a bad blogger lately I need to try and get up to date.  So im 16 weeks now well I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow!  I have been feeling much better the last couple of weeks im not sick every morning now although I am still sick now and then and I don't feel sick 24/7 just waves of sickness so I think im definately coming through that phase now phew!  This is the first week that people have started to notice my little bump this makes me so happy :) I love that im actually starting to look pregnant now I have wanted this for so long and I just love people rubbing my tummy! I know I sound crazy but im so proud of my little bump.  I posted a pic on FB which was fun I will have to post it on here too.  I have my 16 week check up with the midwife tomorrow it should have been last week but I couldn't get an appointment so im a week late.  Im excited about it I love my appointments to do with baby.

Im not sure but I think that I may have felt baby move a few times but it's so hard to tell! It feels like gentle tapping from the inside a bit like little bubbles popping although I think the first description is more accurate to what I feel.  Maybe it's just gas LOL it's so hard to tell but I really hope it's baby!