Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Birth Story

Grace is asleep! Not sure for how long but im going to take this opportunity to write Grace's birth story.

As you know I had a planned C-Section something that I had mixed feelings about.  Like most women I wanted to experience labour it's all part of becoming a mom but due to various complications it was decided that a planned section would be the safer option.  I wasn't against a c-section especially as I knew it was the safer option but a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to experience labour.  Looking back on the whole experience I now know that it was most definitely the right decision for me and I had an amazing experience I wouldn't hesitate to have a c-section again if the need came.

So Grace's birthday the 12/01/12 began very early as I had to be at the hospital for 7.30am.  We were told to go wait in a waiting room with the other ladies that were having c-sections that day.  It felt so strange knowing we were all going to become mothers in just a few hours.  The Dr came round and filled us in on the procedure and then we were all taken up to the ward to wait for surgery.  When we got up there we were told where we were on the list as usual I was last LOL! I say that because whenever I have surgery I always end up being last on the list!  I didn't really mind even though the waiting took forever but it gave me longer to savour my last day of being pregnant, yes I was tired and uncomfortable but I always cherished my bump and feeling Grace move and even though I couldn't wait to hold her I also felt sad to let go of the pregnancy I couldn't believe it had come to end.

So after a LONG day of waiting the theatre nurse finally came and told me to get my gown on and passed Richard some scrubs to wear this was an exciting moment and we took the opportunity to have some fun and take pictures posting them to facebook for laughs lol.  Then after more waiting they took us down to theatre.  I had been so nervous about the section I have had many operations but haven't been awake for any of them and the thought of being awake for this terrified me what if the epidural didn't work? What if I felt pain? Silly I know but you can't help but worry of course I didn't want to miss the birth but still major surgery whilst still awake is a scary thought!  Obviously I soon learnt that I had nothing to worry about!  They began by administering the epidural another thing I was nervous about but I didn't need to be I didn't feel a thing! They give you a local anesthetic first so you don't actually feel the epidural and it worked pretty much straight away.  First my legs went all warm and a little tingly then they felt heavy and then nothing.  To make sure the epidural was working they used a cold spray which they sprayed on my arm first so that I knew what it felt like then they spayed my belly several times until I couldn't feel the spray at all then as a final test they put something really sharp on my belly and asked if I could feel it I couldn't so they began.  It was strange because for a little while I wasn't sure if they had even started even though they were well on there way!  The most I could feel of the surgery was a gentle pulling sensation similar to how it felt when Grace was moving around inside me it wasn't uncomfortable at all.  It amazed me how quick it was from the start of the op to the moment Grace was born I heard the Dr say we have one leg here's the other and here is baby! At that moment I could hear Grace crying the most wonderful moment of my life. I knew the moment she was born because I felt it, that sounds strange I know but there was this intense pressure that I felt all over and then she was born! I'm grateful for that sensation it was wonderful to feel something the moment she was born.  They told me she was a girl which I already knew but it was so exciting to hear it and the Dr said she came out bum first so she was breech,  I'm grateful that she wasn't transverse which she had been for most of the day!   They then took her off to be cleaned and weighed etc.  She was 6lbs 6ozs and just perfect!  Richard went to take some pictures and I watched as they cleaned her and got her dressed.  It was such a special moment when they handed her to Richard and I got to see her little face for the first time.  I wanted to have skin to skin contact but due to one of the side effects from the drugs I was unable to but I didn't mind I was just in awe of everything.  Unfortunately one of the side effects was shivering that's putting it mildly though as I would describe it more like uncontrollable shaking! That was the only thing I didn't like as it was pretty uncomfortable and made holding Grace difficult but it only lasted for about an hour or so then it passed.

My birth experience was a wonderful one and both Grace and I received the best care.  I often relive the day over in my mind and still can't quite believe that she's here!  I hope I have remembered everything if not i'm sure I will fill in the gaps at some point.  I don't regret having a C-Section at all and Grace's birthday is most definitely the best day of my life so far!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Grace I Made A Wish...

And you came true! Sorry it has taken me so long to update but I have been mega busy being a mom! It feels so good to say that!  My little girl is FINALLY here and as you may have guessed from the title we named her Grace.  We had a long list of names we really liked but we wanted to see her before we decided.  I think deep down I always knew she would be Grace I've loved the named since forever and it also has a special meaning for me there just couldn't be a better name for her.  Her full name is Grace Ann it is so special because of a memory I have from the miscarriage I had last year I was unconsolaable the night I lost our angel and the nurse that took care of me said "by the grace of God you will get there" that may not mean much to some but it always stuck in my mind and well she was right my little girl is my grace we finally got there and have her in our arms it's the perfect name for her! Ann is my mothers middle name and my mom is amazing so another perfect name for her :o).  She is beautiful and I love her so much!  I will post again with a picture of my little beauty and my birth story when I have more time but I just wanted to update and say that Grace has arrived safely and we are both doing great! :o)