Thursday, 1 March 2012


Ok so I'm way behind and need to try and catch up.  I wanted to write a little about my recovery from the c-section, which by the way feels like a year ago and not just 7 weeks lol! I wanted to log it because it was one of my main concerns about having a c-section I was so worried about how I would feel afterwards and how I would cope looking after Grace.

I can honestly say that I found the recovery pretty easy don't get me wrong I don't think I'm super woman or anything far from it but it was no where near as bad as I had prepared myself for it to be!  It was painful mainly for the first 4-5 days but you have some pretty great painkillers for that so it was bareable the most painful part was standing up straight and walking but I found the more I walked the easier the pain got and less mobile I was the more it hurt so my tip for anyone about to have a section is get moving just don't over do it.  It was also difficult to sit up from a lying down position but I had a bed ladder to use and that was a Godsend!  Lifting Grace was difficult for me infact for the first 2 days I couldn't do it from standing which was incredibly frustrating but the midwives were very understanding and helped me a lot I am so grateful for that!  After the 5th day i'd say I felt great I could lift Grace and do pretty much what I needed to and as long as I paced myself I was fine so my overall experience of having a c-section birth was a good one.  I do think that having a planned c-section helped i've heard that it is easier to recover from a planned c-section rather than an emergency one and I was in an awful lot of pain with my hips beforehand anyway and i'd say the pain from the c-section was on a par with the pain I was in before so I guess that helped in a way it was nothing new to me I guess just in a different place.  I am happy to say the the pain in my pelvis and hips left me pretty much instantly from having Grace and I am almost pain free now! It feels so good to be more active now!

The one thing I did struggle greatly with was the baby blues but I will write about that in another post as once again mommy duties call! :o)