Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What A Difference A Year Makes

I was reading through my blog from the beginning the other day.  I have read it all once or twice but there are some parts I find a little difficult to read mainly because a lot of the emotions are still very raw for me but at the same time it reminds me of the journey we have been on and it makes me feel so thankful to be where I am now.  One of my first posts was titled Sad on Christmas Eve I remember writing that and how I felt at the time I also remember feeling much better for having written it and putting those feelings out there sort of like a release for me this blog in some ways has been a emotional crutch to get me through some of the hard times and im thankful for that, having said that I never really saw myself as a blogger im kinda lazy when it comes to things like this and don't tend to bother I think it shows the times I need to blog the most as oppose to the times when i've not needed to so much the blog posts are definately further apart!  But I did start this blog for other reasons not just an emotional vent I want to document my experiences of pregnancy and soon to be motherhood so I want to try and keep as up to date as I can. 

Im happy to say that a year on from writing that post im so much happier and only 2 weeks away from becoming a mother!  It has been a bitter sweet year that began at one of the most lowest points of my life but now we are about to begin 2012 with a bang and the birth of our little miracle I can hardly believe it! I don't forget what it took for us to get here though or that there are so many out there still praying for their miracle.  I hope that it can happen for them too it is truly the most amazing blessing.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

We Have A Date!

I had an appointment with a physio yesterday and my OB this morning.  The Physio found that I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) and a slightly twisted right hip this explains all the pain I have been experiencing.  She said if i'd had an earlier appointment a few weeks ago they may have been able to do more to help but at this late stage all they could really do is help manage the pain with some gentle exercises and a support belt and to make sure I get plenty of rest.  She pointed out the best positions for me to give birth in would be on all fours or standing leaning over the bed these are both extremely difficult for me to do so this did pose a problem.  Luckily I had my appointment with my OB this morning so we could discuss a plan of action for the birth and with all things considered we decided that a planned C-Section would be the safest option.  I have to admit the thought of a C-Section terrifies me I guess it's the fear of the unknown more than anything and the recovery afterwards I want to feel as well as possible so that I can take care of my baby I know that I'm not going to feel great after surgery I just have to hope that I recover quickly.  Overall though I'm ok with it being a C-Section delivery I feel confident that it is the right decision and if more damage is done to my hips during the birth then that would result in months of recovery rather than a few weeks so i'd rather take that option.

So when is the big day? It will be on 12/1/12!! How exciting I can hardly believe that will be my baby's Birthday the day I become a Mother! It's such a wonderful , exciting and terrifying feeling but I guess I am as ready as I'm ever going to be!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Third Trimester

Sorry it has taken so long for me to update i've either been super busy, sick or just plain exhausted!  I have learnt that baking a baby is HARD lol! Don't get me wrong it is wonderful and amazing but exhausting at the same time.  Im well into my third tri now I will be 35 weeks on Thursday I still can't believe im even pregnant never mind 5 weeks away from having a baby!!  I have found the last few weeks very tiring im in a lot of pain with my hips which is making day to day activities difficult which is inconvieniant as I have so much to do! Thank God for husbands is all I can say lol! I have an appointment with an Obstetric Physio this afternoon to see what's going on with my hips. My midwife thinks i may have a trapped nerve and have hip displacement! I was like whaaaat?! Honestly im not sure if that is what it is im thinking my body is just struggling to cope with the extra weight and it's taking it's toll whatever it is im just hoping they can help with the pain so i can get around a little easier.  If not I guess i'll just have to put my feet up and relax oh well LOL!  Too be honest i can't complain I think I have done well to get this far I knew the last tri would be difficult on my mobility.

Baby girl is so strong now I love feeling her move and I finally know what everyone talks about when they say "oh wait until you feel her feet in your ribs"  ummmm yeah I get what thats like now pretty uncomfortable but I still love it!  Im pretty sure I have a lazy baby though I do feel movement but not that much. I was a little concerned but my midwife said as long as i feel 10 movements in a day that's fine and i do get that so im thinking she's just sleepy! Of course im sure she's just conserving her energy so that she can keep us mega busy when she arrives LOL!

We are still struggling with names we have a list of names we like and im sure she will be one of them but which one I have no idea!!! We have decided to wait till she is here and see what she looks like! I wish she would just come out with a name badge I find it so hard to commit to a name LOL.

Her nursery furniture arrived last week along with her pram and carseat etc. I LOVE it and im so in love with the nursery theme the colours are perfect.  It feels strange all of her things being here but in a good way.  I can't wait for her to be here and can't believe that day is nearly here!  It's a mixture of emotions im so happy and excited and yet terrified at the same time i've wanted this more than i've ever wanted anything in my whole life being a mom is everything to me and yet im starting to panic and think what if I don't live up to the mark what if this what if that?? I have to keep having a reality check and reminding myself that everyone feels like this but wow im going to be a mom in just a few weeks and it's the most exciting and scary thing ever to happen to me!