Friday, 28 January 2011

6 Weeks

So here I am 6 weeks pregnant! I never get bored of saying that, well until i get to 7 weeks i need the weeks to go faster! So far I feel pretty good still no Morning sickness although i have had a couple of days where if i haven't eaten by 5.00 i felt a little queasy but thats it for now.  I have felt a little more pregnant this week i have some mild cramping and pulling sensations which i like to feel as that reminds me that there is still something going on in there and my tender boobs which would come and go last week are more of a permanent feature and much more painful but i can live with that! I think i may have to go buy a few Maternity Bras soon as mine seem to be getting pretty uncomfortable to wear is it sad that im kinda excited about that lol?!  One of the other symptoms i do have is vivid dreams every night is just crazy crazy dreams! I did have one miscarrige dream that was so real for a few seconds when i woke up i thought it had actually happened i was so relieved when i realised it was just a dream!  Im sure some of it is hormones and the rest just anxiety.  Im trying to stay as realxed as possible and enjoy feeling good rather than stressing about any symptoms i don't have 12 weeks can't come quick enough for me i need to see my baby and know that everything is ok but i still have that good feeling so im taking that as a good sign!

I get to make my first Midwife appointment next week im so excited about that. I know it will be pretty boring mainly answering questions and filling out forms etc but it's just another step closer to having my scan and my first actual appointment other than confirming my pregnancy so that is pretty exciting <3

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

5 Weeks

I can't tell you how excited i am to be able to say im 5 weeks pregnant! I know it's very early days and still not taking one single day of this pregnancy for granted but i didn't even get this far last time so for me this is a mini milestone in itself!

I haven't really had too many symptoms yet which i have to admit that bothers me! I see lots of girls at 5 weeks or even earlier having all kinds of symptoms and i want some too just for that peace of mind that everything is ok! Right now that peace of mind is like goldust to me. So far I have had sore boobs that come and go some days they are really sore others like right now they don't hurt at all why is that? The bloat and twinges come and go too. I've still been taking my temp every morning seeing it still WAY above the coverline helps make me feel better. Im still waiting for the nausea to kick in, not that i want to feel sick i hate that but another symptom would be nice! I've been doing as much research as i can and from what i can see lots of girls feel the way i do now at this point so thats good to know. I hate to speak too soon but i do have this positive feeling that everything will be ok it's a feeling that i didn't have last time so im hoping this is a good sign!

It was my Birthday on Saturday i have to say it was pretty special knowing that i was pregnant.  Rich took me out for a meal and we did a little bit of shopping! Always fun for me not so much for him lol! We did go and buy the book What to expect when expecting and a baby names book which we have had a lot of fun with looking through the names.  I don't want to buy anything for baby until i have had my first scan i will feel like i can relax and really enjoy my pregnancy then.  I did want to buy a little something for baby so we decided to buy a childrens story book that i can read to baby and i wrote the date we found out inside. The date was 11/1/11 which i thought was pretty cool! It was just our little way of marking the day.

I got the pregnancy confirmed at the Drs on Monday i would have been 5 weeks on the dot so decided i should go. I didn't want to rush in im taking this pregnancy just one day at a time.  She confirmed everything and said to make an appointment with the Asthma nurse to monitor my asthma apparently pregnancy can affect it and also to make an appointment to see the midwife in 2 weeks time, im so excited i think this pregnancy will seem even more real then! 

Friday, 14 January 2011

Best Birthday Gift EVER!

It has taken me a little while to update my blog because well im still in shock and disbelief at my early birthday surprise, i've needed time to let it sink in and im still waiting for that lol! So wondering what im talking about? If you don't know already here it is!

Yep you guessed it im PREGNANT!! Sorry about the pic being so blurry i was litrally shaking as i took it! I keep going back to look at it to remind myself im really not sure when it will sink in. What i do know is Richard and I are over the moon there are just no words out there to express how happy we are right now.  I have to admit that the happiness is equally matched by fear.  I wish i didn't feel it but after last time I do so we are praying SO hard for this to be a sticky little bean and thank God everyday for this amazing little miracle he has blessed us with. 

Thursday, 6 January 2011


One of the reasons for me having this blog is for me to be able to document some of my experiences TTC and hopefully pregnancy and Motherhood as a girl with AMC (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita).  My reason for this is since we began TTC 13 months ago i have tried so hard to find information on TTC with Arthrogryposis such as could it be a cause of any difficulties conceiving? I still haven't found the answer to this other than I know that personally im struggling but if it is connected to AMC i don't know. But also i would like to find out how women with AMC cope in pregnancy and giving birth? I know that AMC is pretty rare I think it occurs in something like 1 in 3000 births so most people i have met have never heard of it but i thought that there would be more out there on the world wide web than there is! Yes you can find a ton of info on babies and children with AMC and information for parents who have children with it which is great but anything about TTC and Pregnancy I can't find anything! Perhaps im looking in the wrong places, I can't be the only one can I?! Surely not, so this is my way of putting my personal experiences out there for anyone else who might be looking.

So this is just a brief explanation of what AMC is:  
"Arthrogryposis" (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita) is a term describing the presence of multiple joint contractures at birth. A contracture is a limitation in the range of motion of a joint.
In some cases, few joints maybe affected and the range of motion may be nearly normal. In the "classic" case of Arthrogryposis, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, feet, and knees are affected. In the most severe cases, nearly every body joint may be involved, including the jaw and back. Frequently, the joint contractures are accompanied by muscle weakness which further limits movement. I have the "classic" form of AMC.

So I hope in some small way this blog will be able to help someone else in a similar situation or if there is anyone out there reading this that could help me out with some advice i would be really grateful!