Thursday, 5 January 2012

Things I Will Miss

So Im one week away from having a baby! ONE WEEK!!! Still can't get my head around that. This has me thinking about all the things i'll miss about being pregnant.  Getting pregnant and staying pregnant has been the goal for so long that it's hard to think of anything else and even though holding my baby in my arms is what i've waited for so long I do feel a little sad about not being pregnant anymore, I even got tempted to POAS the other day just to see those 2 pink lines that I waited so long to see just incase I never get to see them again but that would just be silly wouldn't it lol!  So what will I miss?
THE BUMP! Even though at this stage it can be very uncomfortable I really will miss my long awaited bump.  It's nice to have a huge belly that sticks out and not feel embarrassed but proud for a change. I've enjoyed wearing maternity clothes and have really embraced it.  I love how people even random people will stop you in the streeet and ask when you're due and rub my tummy that did take some getting used to but i'll miss it.
MOVEMENT - Yet another feeling that i've waited a long time for when I first knew I was pregnant it felt like such a long time to wait to feel those first few kicks and I was so desperate to know what it felt like. My friends had described it to me but it is hard to imagine.  It was like little tiny flutters at first that could easily be mistaken as wind lol! I now know that I felt movement pretty early on at 14 weeks but I wasn't sure if that was what I was feeling until about 17 weeks then I knew.  I loved feeling those flutters turn into taps and kicks and now they are real jabs and rolls yes sometimes it gets very uncomfortable especially when you have feet in your ribs or her new favourite position transverse and high OUCHIE! But this is a miracle that i can feel moving inside me and I love it!  I can't imagine not feeling it now.
SCANS - Sounds a silly one and who needs scans when you have a baby in your arms but I was in awe of them seeing this tiny baby growing inside me was just wonderful.
HAIR - Now this seems like a strange one and so not important but all these hormones have worked wonders for my hair I've loved having thick shiny hair lol! Im thinking my hormones are definitley changing now ready for the birth because my hair is starting to look more like how it does before AF is about to show up blah.  Oh well never mind i'll take my old hair back in exchange for my baby anyday!
There really is so much that i'll miss probably way more than i've listed here these are just afew but pregnancy has certainly been an experience I will never forget.  It has not been the easiest of pregnancies but it has been wonderful and amazing at the same time.  It's the grand finale next Thursday and im so excited and anxious to meet my precious little miracle!!