Friday, 27 May 2011

My Midwife

It was my first appointment with my Midwife today.  I was pretty excited about it and nervous i've never had a Midwife appointment before they usually wait until 8 weeks to get in touch so I only spoke to her on the phone in my last pregnancy but with me being high risk now they rushed me through.  I really like her I felt at ease with her which is great and instead of me having to beg for an early scan she insisted on it to put my mind at rest!  So my scan appointment is set for June 1st at 10.50am.  I feel sick with nerves when I think about it. My only experience with scans have been bad and im terrified im going to get the same result! I have to keep reminding myself that the Dr said 3 miscarriages in a row are rare so this one WILL be fine. The Midwife dated me at 6 weeks and 6 days which gives me a due date of January 15th which is MY BIRTHDAY!! I would love a birthday baby and can't help but think that this is a good sign!

As for symptoms I have definately felt more nasueous than I did in my last pregnancies I haven't been sick or anything and it comes in waves but im taking it as a good sign.  As for anything else I feel pretty much the same as before sore bbs and a little bloat that comes and goes.  I want for this to be my sticky bean so bad!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

First Appointment

Thursday I decided to make an appointment to see the Nurse Practicioner at my Drs Surgery to confirm my pregnancy.  I wanted to make sure I was a few days late for AF after the chemical pregnancy last year it's the first thing I worry about when getting a BFP! So far so good I was 4 days late on Thursday and am now 6 days late so that's all good! I didn't want to wait to long either because I want this pregnancy to be logged so that if the worst does happen they cannot refuse to help me like they did last time! Im trying to be as positive as possible about this pregnancy this IS going to be our third time lucky, but I have to be realistic I know how easily things can go wrong and my only silver lining in that would be that we would at least get the referral we need. 

I decided to see the Nurse as my Dr appears to be pretty useless! Im so glad I did she seemed pretty excited that I'd conceived so quick after my miscarriage and was so proactive I didn't have to ask for anything she just did it straight away! She got the Midwife to call me straight away so she could see me earlier than usual and will book me in for an early scan.  We agreed that as im only 4 weeks along (almost 5 now) it would be best to wait until I am 6 weeks as they wouldn't see anything on a scan at this stage anyway. She will come to my home to see me and take all my history and then book the scan.  I haven't got a date yet but I get the impression it will be around 7 weeks or so. She said if the scan didn't reveal too much they can do blood tests to see how my HCG levels are progressing.  Im pretty happy with everything so far it's very early days but im glad that they are doing as much as the can for me.  I have her number so can call her anytime. That's a lot more than I had last time, last time I was worried and felt so alone almost as if I was only just afew weeks pregnant what did it matter if I miscarried! At least I feel like they are doing all they can to help me now.

So far in this pregnancy I feel fine.  I have sore bbs but I can totally live with that, I have had waves of nausea nothing bad just if im hungry I feel it then and bloating that comes and goes. That's pretty much it at the moment but it's early days.  I had a tiny bit of spotting yesterday not what I wanted to see but im not too worried about it at the moment. It only happend once when I wiped and it was brown but it was such a small amount so I think it's ok.  I haven't had any at all since.  I read somewhere that Implantation bleeding can happen around 7-10 days after implantation so thinking about when I got my BFP im in the right time frame for that so im hoping that's all it was.  If I get anymore over the weekend I'll call my Midwife on Monday but for now im not worried at all.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Third Time Lucky?

I HOPE SO!!!!!

Looks like those evaps weren't evaps afterall!  I was even thinking I may have had bad batch of tests especially after I had a BFN on a FRER on Thursday. So I waited afew days and got another FRER and a Digi just to be sure I totally didn't expect to see that!! Im so so so happy! Please pray that this is our sticky bean!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Feeling Good

The last couple of weeks i've been feeling better than I have in a long time!  I've been keeping pretty busy so that helps but im feel emotionally much stronger too.  This week I would have been 20 weeks pregnant, 20 WEEKS!! Obviously I would rather be posting about my progress with that and about my gender scan but I can't do that.  Im ok though im moving forward and I haven't cried for a few weeks.  All the milestones are hard but it's nice to be smiling and not crying im sure I will have my moments but for now im happy to be feeling good for a change!

In my cycle I think im 10 or 11dpo.  As im not charting it's hard to know exactly where I am but based on when my ewcm dried up and my post O symptoms that's where I think im at.  I thought I would really miss charting as I had gotten so used to it but I quite like not doing it now. I do miss not being 100% sure of where I am in my cycle though.  Im thinking next cycle I may use OPKs and maybe give my Clear Blue Fertility Monitor a try.

Yesterday I caved and tested, I know way too early but the POAS addict came out in me and I just had to do it! I wish I hadn't because I got a PINK evap line that for a second got me excited that I was actually pregnant! In my excitement I used my last FRER and another IC both were BFN and this mornings test is BFN too with what looks like a grey evap line! I hate EVAPS!! So it looks like it was just a faulty test and no BFP for me just yet.  I guess we will see what the weekend brings.