Wednesday, 13 June 2012

5 Months

Baby girl is 5 months already! Everyone says how fast time flies and before I had Grace I used to hear people say it all the time but never really thought about it but now I totally get what they mean.  Grace is growing right before my eyes she looks bigger everyday to me.  She's forming her very own personality it's amazing to watch her.  She's growing well she's on the 2nd to 9th centile so she's tiny but growing just as she should be.  I can't tell ya how much that means to hear that she's just as she should be i've stressed so much is she eating enough, sleeping enough, reaching her milestones etc! Sooo not me im all about letting things happen when they happen (well sort of) I know she's fine and will acheive things in her own time but yeah becoming a mom has sent me a little crazy lol I just need to hear that's she's ok and that im doing a good job I guess. I'm gaining in confidence I think well im trying to but im learning that just as you think you've got things down Grace goes and mixes it up again haha but we're doing good.

It's almost time for weaning im both excited and nervous about this. Im excited because I know it's the next step but nervous I mean what if she dosen't take to it refuses to eat! I know im being a little extreme but apparently I was a nightmare lol so I can't help but think Grace may be the same pay back for all the stress I gave my mom lol! I guess we will see how it goes fingers crossed she likes it.  I plan on making my own baby food I want to make sure she gets all the good stuff.  However I am also happy to say I have found a range of baby food that is lactose free just incase that dosen't work out haha.  I ordered the 5 step to weaning plan from cow and gate and intend to follow that cause lets face it I have no clue what im doing but after reading through it I have a better idea now. 

Grace caught her first cold this week :( I know she has to get them sometime but i'd have been happy with never! It breaks my heart to see her sick but im happy to say that it hasn't stopped her smiling she's pretty amazing like that.

I LOVE hearing her laugh and will do anything to get a laugh out of her, seriously I look like a complete lunatic just to crack her up but it's so worth it I wish I could bottle her laughter it's the best rememdy to lift your spirit!  I keep encouranging her to roll but she still hasn't im pretty sure she can but just chooses not to haha.  Or maybe she will never roll and just go straight to crawling or something I don't know I guess we will just wait and see.  She talks a lot just like me lol! We have lots of conversations in babble it's so much fun.
She still isn't a fan of naps and has just woken up from a short morning nap so I have to go.  Will try and update some more soon!

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