Friday, 22 June 2012

Out and About

When Grace got to be around 3 months old I decided it was time to get out and about. I had intended to do that way before her hitting the 3 month mark but the time flies so fast and so much had happened that we were there already before I knew it! I searched around for local mom and baby things to do and was quite surprised to see there was so much.  Im also lucky that 2 of my friends have babies just a few months older than Grace so we get to do these things together, it's a nice way for us to get together and have fun with our babies.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find that in my local area alone we have a mom and baby group, Rhythm and Rhyme and Baby Sensory.  I'm yet to start baby sensory you have to book in for that one and the next sessions don't begin until July but im really excited about it!  Mom and baby is fun it's just at the local church hall but they have lots of toys and activities for the children to do and Grace really seems to enjoy it.  At her age there isn't all that much she can do but she really enjoys being around all the other children I can't wait to see her get stuck in with all the toys and creative play as she grows! She aready loves the soft play area and I think she's probably ready to try out one of those baby walkers now it will be fun for her as we don't really have the room for one in our house :( so at least this way she will get to try it! We do however have a Jumperoo which she loves! They had a professional photographer come in one day and take pictures I couldn't resist getting her pictures done they came out great she's such a little smiler!

Rhythm and Rhyme is good fun too.  Here we sing nursery rhymes and do all the actions and the babies get to shake bells and bang on drums etc. Then the second half of the session is a relaxing down time with gentle music and we use ribbons and materials with different textures to play with the babies and tickle them lol Grace loves it.  Yes we could do all of this at home but it's so much fun to mix with other moms and babies I see how much Grace gets out of doing these things and it makes my heart burst! 

Next I want to start taking Grace swimming I wanted to last week but she got a cold and now has a cough she is ok I got her checked out by a Dr but still i'd rather that clear up before I introduce her to the pool so fingers crossed she will be better soon and we can go!  I'm interested to see her reaction to the water I love swimming and always have I was a real water baby so I'm wondering if Grace will be the same. So we are having a ball right now and our weeks are jam packed with things to do! Im exhausted but loving it!

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